Monday, January 17, 2011

Ocean Bento

Thomas has been really enjoying his bento lunches. Last week he asked for an 'ocean lunch'. My first request!! I was thinking about what to pack all weekend and here is what I came up with:

Both Thomas and Stella will begin their oceanic journey with two mini octo-dogs, some star fish shaped tortillas with a sword fish pick, blue jello with gummy fish and an oyster!

Here is the blue jello with gummy sharks, fish and crabs.

I know I should have added some eyes with mustard but the twins like their turkey dogs plain.

And my oyster!! I was ~trying~ to be creative by taking a kiwi, carving it out and making it look like an oyster.


  1. Love the jello! My plan for an oyster someday is a biscuit and use a melonballer to make a butter 'pearl'


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