Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dino Lunch Punch

So last week at this time I was being admitted to the hospital for the second time in two weeks. Except this time, they ended up taking my gall bladder out. My parents came over for a couple of days to help Tony. They laughed at me as I had drawn out how to pack the kiddos lunches. Well, they managed and the kiddos loved having them over. My dad just learned to text so there were no pictures.


Tomorrow the twins have a turkey/swiss roll up, blueberries, strawberries and carrots.

James has a pickles, strawberries, blueberries, carrots and a peanut butter sandwich cut with my new dino sandwich punch. And yes, I realize there are only two carrots. But James is not a fan of carrots yet and I found that if I just send in a couple, he tends to eat one (or maybe two).

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