Thursday, September 18, 2014

New School Year

We have started a new school and for the first time ever, I have all three kiddos in school. Which is amazing:) And it means I have lunch x3 to pack:) My daughter wanted a new lunch box and we had to buy new lunch supplies. I had my eye on these bento boxes from Pottery Barn so we decided to try them out. I looooove them. I bought the plain boxes as well as the dip container and am very happy with the different sizes to use.

dragon fruit, mini blueberry muffins, carrot stick, veggie wrap with hummus and peaches with yogurt dip

leftover quinoa pasta, blackberries, baby carrots with hummus to dip

turkey sandwich on a dinner roll, baby cukes with hummus to dip, peaches, strawberries and mango slices

sushi, carrot coins, pineapples, peaches and grapes

sweet potato fries, veggies with hummus to dip, blueberries and chicken quesadillas

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