Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rice Molds

For the first time in a long time, I packed two different looking lunches.

Thomas has a turkey sandwich with a grape tomato kabob, a confetti muffin, a star shaped sticky rice and two blueberry fig bars.

Stella has turkey roll ups, two blueberry fig bars, a confetti muffin, a bear shaped sticky rice, a grape tomato kabob, some grapes, a heart shaped sticky rice and four wheat thins.


  1. Hi :)
    How do you do the sticky rice? Does it not fall apart as they eat it? Thanks!

  2. You've inspired me!
    Please check out:

  3. @flake....It does fall apart. They use a fork and break it up. For some reason, they love it though!

    @nakedlunchlady...checked out your blog! Looks great. I 'followed' it:)


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