Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday Lunches

I always make the kids lunches the night before; it makes the morning go so much smoother. However, tonight I made the mistake of packing lunches while the twins were still up. I ended up having lots of requests and ended up packing two pretty different lunches.

Stella has two turkey with mustard dog shaped sandwiches, two pieces of pickled okra, blueberries, corn muffins baked with sliced carrots and diced peppers, cashews, bread and butter pickles and left over taco salad with tomato kabobs on top.

Thomas has a turkey fish shaped sandwich, blueberries, teddy graham crackers, cashews and applesauce. Can you tell which of the twins is a pickier eater??

When I made the twins sandwiches yesterday and today, I noticed that I had leftover turkey from the cut outs. Well duh! I just took that turkey and put it in James' lunch. He does not care what it looks like.

James has turkey, applesauce, halved grapes, three bread and butter pickles, halved grape tomatoes and blueberries.

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