Sunday, August 22, 2010

Made With Love

I am back to making lunches...except I am making them for my FIRST graders. I feel like they are still my babies and now, first grade!! I think I am more nervous than they are:) The big news this year is that Stella and Thomas will be in separate classrooms. I wanted to bake something special so I made some heart shaped blueberry muffins.

Thomas has two car shaped turkey sandwiches, cashews, strawberries, two muffins and some cucumber slices with tomato kabobs.

Thomas' snack is double-decker peanut butter and crackers, cashews and some frozen grapes.

Stella has a mama flower turkey sandwich and a baby one, yogurt covered raisins, strawberries, one muffin, pickled okra (wrapped) and some cucumber slices with tomato kabobs.

Stella's snack is frozen grapes, crackers and hummus with cucumber slices in between.

James' has turkey, strawberries, tomato and cucumber and a muffin.

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